Jessica Schavone, LVT

Outreach Coordinator

Jessica Schavone received a degree in Veterinary Technology from Becker College in 2005.  She then worked with the emergency and critical care department of Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine for 8 years. During this time she participated in clinical research and veterinary blood banking, and gained knowledge of diagnostic and treatment options commonly seen in emergency and critical care medicine. Jessica went on to provide regional continuing education for New England Veterinary Technicians and taught for the local veterinary technician program.  Jessica is excited to use her background to further enhance the client and referring veterinarian experience here at CVRC.

Jessica’s role at CVRC as Outreach Coordinator is to help ensure that pet owners and referring veterinarians have an exceptional experience when interacting with our center.  “Our goal when we hired Jessica was simple,” says Dr. David Sachs, Medical Director of CVRC, “we wanted to elevate the level of pet owners and referring veterinarian service and experience by improving communication and engaging these groups in ways not common in referral veterinary hospitals."  

Jessica makes frequent trips to local veterinarians offering continuing education for their nursing staff and scheduling our clinicians to deliver small group lectures to referring veterinarians on topics of their choosing.   She also introduces new CVRC staff members and new treatment or diagnostic options to local veterinarians and their staff.  Jessica has become a liaison between CVRC and the referral community, ensuring effective and timely communication.  Jessica also coordinates community activities, and CVRC sponsored continuing education for owners, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians in the Lowcountry.  Jessica also enjoys using her nursing skills, treating patients, and interacting with pet owners.

In addition to her role with referring veterinarians, she is also very involved with every pet owner and pet that comes to CVRC for an emergency visit.  Every pet owner that brings a pet in to our emergency service will receive a follow up call from Jessica.  During this conversation she ensures each family understands their discharge, medication, and follow up instructions. "My goal is to get to know our patients and their families. I work with hospitalized patients daily, and my desire is to fill any gaps that may exist in communication within the health care team,” says Jessica.  If a patient is not feeling better following an emergency visit to our clinic, Jessica will coordinate follow up with the family veterinarian or a specialist as indicated.  

These interactions also provide a venue for pet owners to discuss their overall experience at CVRC.  We take this feedback seriously and attempt to use it to enhance the overall experience that pet owners and pets have while under our care at CVRC.

“The feedback I receive from both pet owners and referring veterinarians about Jessica is wonderful” says Dr. Sachs, “It is very rewarding creating a role for a talented person such as Jessica to help us achieve our goal of exceptional service for clients and referring veterinarians and it is so well received”. 

In her free time Jessica enjoys cycling, sailing, gardening, and spending time by the water with her dog, Teddy Bug. 

Jessica is available through CVRC's main number, (843) 614-8387 or via email at

Education / Experience: 

2013-presentOutreach Coordinator - Licensed Veterinary Technician - Charleston Veterinary Referral Center
2005-2013Certified Veterinary Technician - Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Grafton, MA
2011Certified Veterinary Technician, MA
2010Bachelor of Science - Veterinary Science, Becker College, Worcester, MA
2005Associate of Applied Science - Veterinary Technology, Becker College, Worcester, MA


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